About Guesty

Michael Guest’s love of all things aquatic was instilled at a young age, fishing, spear-fishing and windsurfing. His passion has grown into an addiction and whether it is catching bait off the wharf, teasing Marlin on the continental shelf, or crashing through undergrowth and casting at bass this is where he is most at home.

A fisherman with the environment at heart, Michael loves to spend time fishing with his family. Catch and release and take only what you need are the two philosophies Michael wants to instil in all young anglers.

From the watery depths to dusty roads Michael cut his teeth in the most spectacular of motorsports – rallying. Wins at State, National, Asia/Pacific and International level elevated him to be the first Australian to tackle a regular ride in the World Rally Championship.

Building and running his own rally cars in the early days has given him an intimate knowledge of race-craft engineering. This skill has been used to develop engines, suspension and tyres for manufacturers. If it’s got an engine Michael can get the most out of it whether it’s a car, boat or quad bike.

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